IP Networking

Easy SetupOne-Look NetworkingFlexibility
The system enables you to use One-look Networking and activation keys to easily build flexible and user friendly systems with a low cost of operation. The built-in router can be used to support VPN where settings can be configured for all offices at a single site without any additional software. You can also install IP terminals in remote offices without having to visit them with the built-in Media Relay Gateway.
One-Look Networking
The KX-NS1000AL fully supports IP, an open protocol for establishing real-time communication. Using IP effectively can result in compelling advantages such as improving user efficiency, and lowering communication costs. The One-look Networking system works as a single server and provides PBX features. It is a reliable backup system to survive system failures and has a flexible capacity to increase its network system of up to 8000 users on the QSIG Networking Support.


IP Smart MigrationLegacy Trunk Adaptor
By connecting to an existing Panasonic PBX system, you can expand IP trunks and terminals and utilise the Unified Messaging feature. This is also recommended for users that want to use legacy trunks and terminals for flexible system expansion. You can also use the system as a server for adding a voice mail function. Assisted migration to an IP system, according to your budget and needs, is also available.
Users that mainly use a legacy trunk (E1/PRI) but want to prepare for future IP migration can use trunk adaptors (KX-NS8188/KX-NS8290) for the KX-NS1000AL to increase the maximum number of legacy lines available and enable you to use both legacy and IP trunks. Since the adaptors can be connected to a maximum of 16 units, trunks can be flexibly expanded according to your budget.


Cellular Phone IntegrationOne Number ExtensionOutside Destinations in ICD GroupMulti-Cell DECT SystemIP Cell Station

Cellular Phone Integration

There is no need for you to have multiple contact numbers for people who also use a cellular phone. The KX-NS1000AL includes features for integrating cellular phones and smartphones with your office communications network, allowing mobile terminals including smartphones and softphones to be used just like office extensions – making and receiving calls and using system short dialing codes from mobile devices.

One Number Extension

You can pair the desktop phone at your office with a softphone on your smartphone, enabling both phones to be called with a single extension number. You can also forward calls to the paired phone at the touch of a button. This enables customers to easily contact you using a single number.

Outside Destinations in ICD Group

Up to four cellular phones can be assigned as members of an Incoming Call Distribution (ICD) group, and receive calls to the group. Calls to
the extension in the office can be received simultaneously on cellular phones. This enables a member of the group to handle calls when the main contact person is away.

Multi-Cell DECT System

The Multi-Cell DECT System lets you carry on your conversation over lightweight, wireless extensions while you are away from your desk or moving around an office, factory, warehouse, or other large facility.

IP Cell Station

An IP cell station allows you to connect a PBX via LAN. If there is a LAN in your work place, you can communicate with remote locations such as branch offices via an IP cell station, increasing the efficiency of your business. Even if you do not have a LAN, you can use a repeater to expand the range of calls within the same office. Feel free to expand the call range according to your business needs.

Unified Communications

Built-In VoicemailBuilt-In Fax ServerE-Mail IntegrationCommunication Assistant

Built-In Voicemail

The KX-NS1000AL’s built-in voice mail can handle incoming calls, record messages and conversations, and manage mailboxes all from a cellular phone. 2 channel and 2 hour voice storage is preinstalled, and this can be expanded to 24 channels and 1000 hours. Voice mail resources can also be shared across the network (using One-look Networking).

Built-In Fax Server

With its built-in fax server, the KX-NS1000AL can receive, distribute, and send faxes. Received faxes can be saved in mail boxes and notify you via the message waiting lamp or e-mail, forwarded, printed, and downloaded.

E-Mail Integration

KX-NS1000AL sends an e-mail to notify you when you have new fax and voice messages. Fax and voice messages can also be received as attachment files. It also supports IMAP4 servers, so you can access the content of their mail boxes using a common e-mail client that supports the IMAP4 protocol, such as Microsoft Outlook.

Communication Assistant

Communication Assistant is a highly intuitive PC-based application suite with a variety of collaboration tools. Point-and-click telephony, presence and availability information, MS Outlook integration, visual voice messaging, CRM database integration and much more besides are combined in one single application. Four versions of the Panasonic Communication Assistant are available, all of which offer high-performance functions for desktop integration and telephone system management.

Built-In Call Centre

Auto Voice GuideMonitor Waiting CallsCall History Report

Auto Voice Guide

The caller can recognize their position in the queue through voice guidance. Since the caller knows their status, they can decide whether to stay in the queue or leave a message and hang up, according to the situation.

Monitor Waiting Calls

The call centre supervisor can monitor the live status of callers, such as how many people are waiting in the queue and for how long. The supervisor can also monitor the status of each agent and grouped members, to understand on-site problems and improve their call centre.

Call History Report

The call centre supervisor can specify a range of dates and times to be provided with a variety of reports for studying the status of the KX-NS1000AL. Data for up to 600,000 calls can be stored. The report is based on the agents or groups that have been monitored. The supervisor can use these results to understand problems or opportunities relating to customer service, and back up recorded call data and restore it via the network as necessary.

Simplified Installation and Maintenance

Easy Setup at no extra costs - The installer can easily programme everything related to functions such as PBX and VM, thanks to a built-in web server. Programming can even be carried out remotely. You can make settings with the same easy operation as previous models making setup quick and easy.

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