Executive Digital Proprietary Telephone

  • 3-Line Backlight LCD Display
  • 24 Programmable CO Keys
  • Digital Speakerphone
  • Built-In Electronic Hook Switch Port


LCD Display

The 3-line backlight LCD display built with intuitive user interface offering fast access to phonebooks and features.

Flexible CO Buttons

Programmable Keys - 24 freely programmable function keys can be displayed, making it easy both to call and to make changes. Since the numbers are displayed on the screen, a paper label is not required, improving familiarity and reducing training time.


Full Duplex Speakerphone - The speakerphone supports Full Duplex, enabling both parties to speak at the same time without their voice getting cut out and to hear each other’s voice clearly, even if you speak at the same time.

Electronic Hook Switch

Built-in Electronic Hook Switch Support - A built-in Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) port allows the digital terminal to have access to DECT-enabled headsets. This offers a range of portability and comfort, as frequent users are able to move around freely without being tied down by handsets.


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