Smart Hybrid System

Ideal system configurationExpand as Your Business Grows
The Ideal System Configuration for Your OfficeLooking to reduce your operational and capital costs through high-quality, flexible communications? The new smart hybrid IP PBX KX-NS700AL from Panasonic delivers all of this – and much more. Easy to install and maintain, it is a cost-effective legacy and IP communication system for companies with up to 250 users in a single site that can be flexibly configured and expanded, making it the ideal alternative to cloud-based solutions.
This system will suit a variety of company types, and users can expand it to meet their needs. The system starts from only 6 extensions, up to 288 extensions with Expansion Units. It is also a unified communications system, which has rich IP features, such as mobile linking, integrated voicemail and e-mail, instant messaging (chat), and presence information.

Backwards Compatibility

Using Existing EquipmentUsing Existing Outside Line
Continue using existing devices, such as Proprietary Telephones for the Panasonic PBX just as they are. The system is expandable, with optional cards and expansion cabinets. Equally, you can continue to use existing Panasonic Digital Proprietary Phones (DPT), Panasonic Analogue Proprietary Phones (APT) and Single Line Telephones (SLTs). So your initial investment costs only involve the purchase of the system and you can retain your KX-NS700 in the future when you’re looking to increase capacity.
There is no need for new contracts, because you can use your existing outside line as is. You’re able to construct a hybrid system that combines IP and legacy lines, and can connect to IP phones in a remote office, further reducing your costs. Equally, VoIP capabilities mean you can talk to remote offices, wherever they might be, without incurring telephone charges.



Panasonic Wireless Systems

Panasonic's wireless phones include compact and tough types, so they can be used just about anywhere in the office. Our unique technology enables comfortable conversations even in noisy places.

Bring Your Own Device

You can use your own mobile phone (including software phones installed in smartphones) as a company extension. And a mobile phone can be paired with your desk phone as one numbered extension.


Voice conferences with up to 32 members are possible using your desk phone, cellular phone, or software phone.

Unified Communications

DesktopTab titleVideo

Desktop Communications

The status of employees can be checked from a PC, so you can use the most suitable and easiest contact method, such as telephone (land line or mobile), chat, or e-mail. You can also use CRM database integration.

Anywhere Communications

See the presence of co-workers in remote rooms or branches from a smartphone, just as you do with a PC.

Video Communications

Video communication can also be used for more detailed conversations by viewing facial expressions.

Expanding Extensions

By combining the KX-NS700AL with a KX-NS1000AL IP Communication Server, system capacity can be expanded further at low cost, enabling support of up to 1,000 extensions. What's more, you can continue to use your existing phones and other equipment.

Simplified Installation & Maintenance

The installer can easily program everything related to functions such as PBX and VM, thanks to a built-in web server. Programming can even be carried out remotely.

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